European Council of Medical Orders

For the first time ever, European Medical Organisations join together to raise awareness on Violence against Doctors and other Health Professionals

Today we mark the 1st ever European Awareness Day on Violence against Doctors and other Health Professionals. Health workers are increasingly confronted with situations of violence, sometimes extreme, in their daily practice, even outside any context of conflict. This affects us all. Patient safety and quality of care are endangered if health professionals are confronted with such risks.


The European Medical Organisations call on governments and all stakeholders to act on the urgent need to protect medical personnel in the performance of their missions. As a priority, the enforcement of existing laws to fight violence against doctors and health professionals in the workplace must be improved. In support of this, we ask for the establishment of national reporting mechanisms all across Europe. We furthermore call for the effective implementation of violence prevention programmes and assistance to victims. We ask for determined action to ensure access to quality care for all patients by protecting the freedom and safety of medical personnel and healthcare facilities.

Download the EMOs Joint Statement on Violence against Doctors and other Health Professionals