European Council of Medical Orders

European Observatory of Medical Demography

Objectives of the Observatory

On December 3rd 2010, the European Observatory of Medical Demography was created on the initiative of Dr. Patrick Romestaing, President of the Public Health and Medical Demography Department of the French Medical Council.

  • to carry out a state of play (numbers, density, distribution, modes of exercise and medical and surgical specialties)
  • to tend to a harmonization of the databases between the Member States
  • to carry out an analysis of the migratory movements between the Member States
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Work Method

► A Working Group, animated by Dr Patrick Romestaing, with representatives of:
► A Technical Committee, composed of the members of the Working Group and the CEOM as well as all the interested European medical organizations. The Technical Committee will meet during the CEOM Plenary meetings.
In 2018, CEOM has joined the Health Workforce Planning and Forecasting Expert (SEPEN) Network, it is leaded by the Standing Committee of European Doctors (CPME) and funded by the Health Programme of the European Union. CEOM has become a Senior Expert of this network, taking a leading role in future SEPEN activities such as speaking at workshops and participating in the national exchange of expertise.

Publications and Work in Progress



29.11.2019                                          Lisbon

Presentation by Dr. RAULT, CEOM Secretary-General: New Study of the European Observatory on Medical Demography - The determinants for newly installed doctors in France

07.06.2019                             Tirana    

Presentation by Dr. ARBOMONT (CNOM): Migration of doctors and its impact on the rarefication of healthcare in France


30.11.2018               Madrid 

Presentation by Dr. BOYER (CNOM): Updates on key data on medical demography in France


23.06.2017                      Modena

Presentation by Dr. ROMESTAING, CEOM Secretary-General: Key data on medical demorgaphy in France


18-19.02.2016               Varna, Bulgaria

Third Joint Action Conference on planning and educating health workforce without borders

The full program of the Conference is available on the Joint Action website.


27.11.2015                               San Remo
12.06.2015                               Luxembourg


06.12.2014                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Rome
04-05.12.2014                                           Rome

Second Joint Action Health Workforce Planning and Forecasting Conference on Improving planning methodologies & data across Europe

To access the agenda, presentations and conclusions of the different meetings, please click here.

This Second Conference of the Joint Action was organised under the high patronage of the Italian Presidency of the European Union. During this Conference, three main topics were addressed:

1) Employment of Health Workforce

In the first part of the agenda we will tackle the challenges for health workforce employment providing variety of sessions with focus on different perspectives particularly on Health Workers, Skills and Employment.

2) Improving Planning Methodologies

In the second part of the agenda we are happy to present to you our latest deliverable - Handbook on Planning Methodologies along with practice sessions aiming at Linking administrative databases to improve Health Workforce Data. Furthermore we will introduce our Pilot Study Project and will tackle the topic of GPs Workforce Projections.

3) Applicability of the Global Code of Practice

Third part of the confernce agenda will be dedicated to challenges of international recruitment and applicability of WHO Global Code of Practice related to international recruitment of health personnel

This is in the framework of this third part that Dr Romestaing presented the Results of the Studies of the European Observatory of Medical Demography and the French Medical Council on migration flows of Physicians at the European and French levels.

03.12.2014                                          Rome

Meeting of the work package 4 of the Joint Action - Defeated distance and limitless steps

All the meeting documents are available here.

This meeting was organised jointly with the Italian Health Ministry. The objectives of the workshop were the following:

  • Final meeting and summary of WP4 Activity 2 on HWF mobility data mapping.
  • Completing information on recommendations regarding HWF mobility data collection.
  • Overview and validation of WP4 Deliverable 042 Draft on Mobility data mapping.
  • Link WP4-WP5-WP6 work on HWF mobility and HWF planning aspects.
  • Link WP4 Activity 2 to WP4 Activity 3, first meeting to start work of WP4 Activity 3 on HWF planning data gap analysis.

The next steps of the WP4 have been addressed.

13.06.2014                                           Bari
  • Presentation by Dr. Romestaing.
06-07.03.2014                                           Utrecht Meeting of the work package 4 of the Joint Action - Data in action

All the meeting documents are available here.

The workshop was jointly organised with the Netherlands Institute for Health Services Research (NIVEL). The meeting focused on the follow-up of the main topics covered and activities carried out in Budapest. The Hungarian leaders presented the preliminary results of the work package 4 questionnaire survey.

Two group sessions were organised, respectively on terminology and mobility, allowing stakeholders to discuss specific issues of comparability of data, data content and quality and flow of mobility data.

At this occasion the next steps for the work package 4 were also discussed.

28-29.01.2014                                          Bratislava

First Joint Action Conference and Stakeholder Forum

In order to have access to agendas, presentations and conclusions of the different meetings, click here.

The first Plenary Assembly of the Joint Action on Health Workforce Planning and Forecasting gathered all associated and collaborating partners. This meeting was the occasion to present an overview of the work carried out and the progress made by the different work packages since the kick-off of the Joint Action in April 2013. The planning and the work programme for the upcoming year was introduced.

Several panel discussions and breakout sessions on health workforce planning and mobility were held during this two-day meeting, especially on recruitment and retention, anticipated workforce planning and global mobility.


06.12.2013                                                                                                                                                                    Paris
15.06.2013                                            Bucharest
13-14.06.2013                                            Budapest

First meeting of Workpackage 4 - Data for improved health workforce planning

The aim of this Working Package is to provide better understanding of available data on Member States and EU level and on that basis, providing policy recommendations to improve data collection in the EU Member States, with special focus on mobility.

  • Terminology mapping : contents and comparability of data.
  • Mobility mapping : migration and mobility data (indicators or studies).
  • Health workforce planning data : analyse of the gap, good practices and formulate guidelines.
12.04.2013                                            Brussels

Kick-off of the work package 4 - Data for improved health workforce planning

The work package 4, led by Hungary, was launched on Friday, April 12th, 2013. The general objective of this work package is to provide a better understanding of the available data at the EU and member states level. On that basis, this work package will provide policy recommendations to improve the quality and the comparability of data collected in the member states in order to improve health workforce planning practices.

11.04.2013                                            Brussels Kick-off of the Joint Action on Health workforce Planning and Forecasting

The Joint Action on Health workforce Planning and Forecasting was officially launched on Thursday, April 11th, 2013. This 3-year project led by the Belgian Federal Public Service for Health aims at enabling EU member states to have a better prepared health workforce for the future challenges by creating a platform for cooperation and exchange of good practices and expertise. The Joint Action is divided into 6 workpackages and involves 29 associated partners and 21 collaborating partners (the CEOM is one of them).


30.11.2012             Brussels
29.11.2012 Brussels
31.05.2012 Ljubljana


05.09.2011                                  Brussels