European Council of Medical Orders

CEOM statement in support of the Portuguese Medical Association

CEOM (European Council of Medical Orders) become aware of the approval, by the Portuguese Parliament, of a project that aims to change the statutes of professional orders, reducing their ability to defend its members and with direct interference of political power in these institutions, inadmissible in democratic regimes. Specifically, with regard to the medical profession, it was with perplexity that this news was received. CEOM Plenary meeting expresses total solidarity to the Portuguese Medical Association and to Portuguese doctors, who have performed a remarkable job in managing the pandemic crisis and in the presentation of solutions for a better health system. We remind that it is the European legislation itself that provides for the regulation of the medical profession, given its complexity and direct impact on the lives of our citizens. Thus, CEOM is watching with great concern the path that Portugal is following, contrary to what happens in other associations of doctors or similar European associations, which can have a very negative impact on the quality of medicine provided not only in Portugal, but throughout the entire Europe.

CEOM Plenary meeting, Rome, 29 October 2021