European Council of Medical Orders

CEOM implements the European Observatory on Violence Against Doctors

Objectives of the Observatory

On June 23rd 2017, the European Observatory on Violence Against Doctors was created on the initiative of CEOM President Dr. José Santos.

The European Observatory on Violence Against Doctors aims to:

  1. Gather objective data about the cases of violence (location, type of practice, type of violence, aggressor profile, etc.) in order to arrive at a correct evaluation of needs, followed by effective proposals for action
  2. Map of existing national mechanisms to adress these violence cases
  3. Give priority to an exchange of preventive tools, thereby opening the way to a sharing of experiences
  4. Take concrete measures with the adoption of an official position aimed at health professionals, the public and the authorities

Work Method

► A Working Group, animated by Dr. Roland Kerzmann as Rapporteur, with representatives from the European Association of Senior Hospital Doctors (AEMH).

External Communication

CEOM Secretary-General, Dr. Jean-François RAULT, published a presentation article on the Observatory on Violence Against Doctors in the 46th Edition of the Healthcare Professionals Crossing Borders (HPCB) Update (Winter 2019).

Interntional framewrok:

  • The World Medical Association's Statement on Violence and Health has been recently revised by the 70th WMA General Assembly in Tbilisi (Georgia), in October 2019

  • The World Medical Association's issued a Presse Release on the 28th of October 2019 regarding violence against doctors and Health Professionals, following a rising tide of violence reported from Central and South America, from India and Bangladesh, and from Germany. "Violence has become a significant public health challenge", said WMA President Dr. Miguel Jorge.

Meetings and presentations


7 June                           Tirana, Albania

Presentation of AEMH - Association Européenne des Médecins Hospitaliers Seniors - on violence against doctors

30 November                      Madrid, Spain                      

CEOM Declaration on Violence Against Doctors and Health Professionals

Statement on Violence against doctors and health professionals by Dr. R. Kerzmann, CEOM 1st Vice-President

15 June     Timisoara, Romania 

Presentation of the Portuguese Medical Order by Dr. J. De Deus, FEMS President

General updates by Dr. R. Kerzmann, CEOM 1st Vice-President


8 December                        Paris, France                            

Presentation of the CEOM questionnaire and exchange of views – Dr. R. Kerzmann, CEOM 1st Vice-President

Presentation of the Spanish Observatory on Violence by Dr. J. M. Huerta

23 June Modena, Italy Launch of the European Observatory on Violence by Dr. R. Kerzmann


2 December Paris, France Introductry presentation of the topic of Violence against doctors