European Council of Medical Orders


Conference on organ harvesting in China


A conference-debate entitled "Organ harvesting in China: Europe must act now" is organised on the initiative of several international organisations at the European Economic and Social Committee on Wednesday, 19 March 2014 from 10 am to 12.30 pm.

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The press release of the European Economic and Social Committee is available here.

Forum on Junior Doctors working conditions


Dr. Valentin SOJAR, representative of the Medical Chamber of Slovenia, will attend on behalf of the CEOM a Forum on Junior Doctors working conditions organised in Ljubljana on 15 March 2014 on the initiative of Slovenian and European Junior Doctors. At this occasion, he will make a presentation on doctors' migration in Europe.

European Network of Medical Competent Authorities (ENMCA) - European Professional Card


The European Network of Medical Competent Authorities (ENMCA) just published an analysis of all the replies to a questionnaire sent in December 2013 to the competent authorities of the ENMCA concerning the process of implementation of the European Professional Card.

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Adoption of the Professional Qualifications Directive


On November 15th, 2013, the Council adopted the revised Directive on the recognition of professional qualifications. This follows the adoption by the European Parliament last month. Member states now have two years in which to transpose the new rules into national legislation. The main features of the new Directive introduce a pro-active fitness to practise alert mechanism; the ability for competent authorities to assess the language competence of professionals after recognition but before access to the profession; a revised definition of basic medical training of 5 years and 5,500 hours; a requirement for member states to encourage continuing professional education and training and the possibility of common European training frameworks and tests which would establish minimum education and training criteria for medical specialties that do not currently benefit from automatic recognition.

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Presidency of the World Medical Association


During the General Assembly of the World Medical Association (WMA) held in Fortaleza (Brazil) from 16 to 19 October 2013, Dr. Xavier DEAU, President of the European and International Relations Delegation of the French Medical Council (CNOM), was elected by acclamation President elect of the World Medical Association. He will officially take office in October 2014 at the occasion of the General Assembly in Durban (South Africa).

HPCB meeting - Healthcare professional mobility and patient safety


The  Healthcare Professionals Crossing Borders (HPCB) network held its autumn meeting in London on Thursday, 31st October 2013. Discussions focused on key issues such as the revision of the Directive 2005/36/EC on the recognition of professional qualifications, the implementation challenges for the European professional card and for the continuous professional development as well as the Joint Action on health workforce planning and forecasting.

The meeting documents are available on the HPCB website.

Conference of the CGCOM - Cross-border healthcare



26.09.2013. The Spanish Medical Association (CGCOM) will held a conference in Madrid on October 11th, 2013, in collaboration with the Office of the European Parliament in Spain on the implementation in Spain of the Directive 2011/24/EU on the application of patients’ rights in cross-border health care.

Drs. Rodriguez Sendin, Romero and Gutiérrez i Marti, respectively President, General Secretary and Vice-President of the CGCOM will attend the conference, as well as representatives of the European Parliament, of the European Commission, of health professionals and of patients' organisations.

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Next CEOM plenary meeting


At the invitation of the French Medical Council (CNOM), the next CEOM plenary meeting will take place in Paris on Friday December 6th, 2013.

More information in the Agenda section.

CEOM Resolution - Exchange of disciplinary information


At the occasion of the CEOM plenary meeting held in Bucharest on June 15th, the participating organisations unanimously adopted a CEOM resolution on the exchange of disciplinary information between regulatory authorities.

The CEOM resolution is available in the Activities section.

CEOM Declaration - Proposal of the Cypriot Delegation




During the CEOM plenary meeting held in Bucharest on June 15th, 2013, the participating organisations adopted a Declaration on the situation of healthcare in Cyprus.

The text of the Declaration is available in the Activities section.

Letter of support - Slovak Medical Chamber


During the last CEOM plenary meeting organised in Bucharest on June 15th, the participating organisations decided to write a letter to the attention of the President of the Republic of Slovakia regarding the situation of doctors in Slovakia.

The letter is available in the Activities section.

Election of a new CEOM Vice-President


Following the vote that took place during the CEOM plenary meeting held in Bucharest on June 13th, 2013, Dr. Fernando GOMES, representative of the Portuguese Medical Association, has been elected Vice-President of the CEOM. The composition of the Board is available here.

The economic crisis and access to medicines in Europe - May 2013


 At the occasion of an event organised on May 16th at the European Parliament on the impact of the economic crisis and austerity measures on access to affordable and quality medicines and treatments in the European Union, Prof. José Manuel Silva, President of the Portuguese Medical Association, made a presentation on the current situation in Portugal.

His powerpoint presentation is available here.

HPCB Newletter - April 2013


The April edition of the HPCB Crossing Borders Update is now available. This updates includes articles on EU negotiations on the proposal amending the recognition of professional qualifications Directive; an update on the European data protection reform and the European Working Time Regulation; and information on the new European Commission's Action Plan on eHealth.

More information on the HPCB website.

Doctors of the World publishes a report on access to healthcare of the most vulnerable populations in Europe - April 2013


Doctors of the World presented its new report entitled "Access to healthcare in Europe in times of crisis and rising xenophobia" at the occasion of a press conference organised in Brussels on April 9th, 2013. Based on the interviews of more than 8.400 patients, data collected in 14 cities of seven European countries, this report puts the emphasis on the negative impact of the economic and social crisis on health systems and access to healthcare and on the rising xenophobia against migrants in Europe. Doctors of the World demands a universal health coverage for all and calls for a full access to national immunisation schemes for all children in Europe. In addition, Doctors of the World requires an equal access to pre and post natal care for all pregnant women.

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