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Best Wishes 2022


The board members and the secretariat wish you all the best for 2022!

CEOM celebrates international day of the medical profession



Adopted by the 71st dopted by the 71 WMA General Assembly (online), Cordoba, Spain, October 2020

WMA General Assembly (online), Cordoba, Spain, October 2020. On the eve of the WMA General Assembly, Córdoba 2020, we are facing an escalation of the COVID-19 pandemic around the world and an alarming exponential pressure on healthcare professionals.The WMA and its members request that October 30 be recognised as the International Day of the MedicalProfession as a tribute to the commitment of physicians to the service of humankind, to the health and well-being of their patients, in the respect the ethical values of the profession.

50th anniversary of CEOM


At the plenary meeting on 29th October 2021, CEOM celebrates the 50th anniversary of its creation.

CEOM Plenary meeting - 29 October in Roma


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The CEOM Board members for the 2021-2024* term are :

Dr. José SANTOS, President
Ordem dos Medicos (Portuguese Medical Association)

Dr. Roland KERZMANN, 1st Vice-President
Ordre des Médecins de Belgique (Belgian Medical Council)

Dr. Nicolino D’AUTILIA, Vice-President
Federazione Nazionale Ordini Medici Chirurghi e Odontoiatri (National Federation of the orders of Doctors and Dental surgeons)

Dr.Konstantinos KOUTSOPOULOS, Vice-President
Panhellenic Medical Association (Greek Medical Association)

Dr. Gheorghe BORCEAN, Vice-President
Colegiul Medicilor din Romania (Romanian College of Physicians)

Dr. Jean-François RAULT, Secretary General
Conseil national de l’Ordre des Médecins de France (French Medical Council)

CEOM declaration on vaccination


Since spring 2020, the world has been facing a major health crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The consequences of this crisis on the health and well-being of the population are disastrous.

- This situation requires urgent collective action.

- As long as the level of protection of the population through vaccination is not sufficient, the fight against this virus will be difficult and will entail significant sacrifices on the part of the population.

CEOM calls on physicians, health professionals, health authorities and all stakeholders to work collectively for the vaccination of the population against COVID-19.

- CEOM recalls that physicians involved in the COVID-19 vaccination programme have a major role to play in independently monitoring the safety and efficacy of the vaccine and in ensuring continuous follow-up throughout the vaccination campaign.

- CEOM calls on physicians and health professionals to be vaccinated in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, especially to their patients, and to publicly demonstrate their confidence in vaccination.

CEOM stresses that public confidence in the medical profession is essential to help people make the right choices about this means of prevention. On the basis of the patient's health status, the doctor ensures that he or she is eligible for vaccination, informs the patient correctly and ensures that he or she freely consents to being vaccinated. He/she carefully monitors possible side effects and reports them immediately to the authority.

- CEOM, a member of the European Coalition for Immunisation, calls on European governments to promote access to this vaccine for all people, both in Europe and worldwide.


CEOM statement in support of the Portuguese Medical Association


CEOM (European Council of Medical Orders) become aware of the approval, by the Portuguese Parliament, of a project that aims to change the statutes of professional orders, reducing their ability to defend its members and with direct interference of political power in these institutions, inadmissible in democratic regimes. Specifically, with regard to the medical profession, it was with perplexity that this news was received. CEOM Plenary meeting expresses total solidarity to the Portuguese Medical Association and to Portuguese doctors, who have performed a remarkable job in managing the pandemic crisis and in the presentation of solutions for a better health system. We remind that it is the European legislation itself that provides for the regulation of the medical profession, given its complexity and direct impact on the lives of our citizens. Thus, CEOM is watching with great concern the path that Portugal is following, contrary to what happens in other associations of doctors or similar European associations, which can have a very negative impact on the quality of medicine provided not only in Portugal, but throughout the entire Europe.

CEOM Plenary meeting, Rome, 29 October 2021

CEOM Board endorses the Portuguese Medical Association Statement on the quality of medical specialties in Portugal


The CEOM Board expresses its deepest concern having been alerted by its Portuguese member of the risk of lowering the quality of some medical specialties such as the general practitioners.

Quality of medicine is crucial, even more at a time when the evolution of medicine has been exponential and when the burden of chronic diseases will represent a great challenge for the health system and patient safety.

It is of the utmost importance that the quality of care and especially primary care be guaranteed by the Portuguese National Authorities.

European Medical Organisations face an increase in all types of acts of physical, emotional, and psychological violence against healthcare professionals.



In 2021 the World Health Organisation celebrates the International Year of Health and Care Workers. Despite this, European Medical Organisations face an increase in all types of acts of physical, emotional, and psychological violence against healthcare professionals. This is confirmed in the alarming finding of the FEMS survey about burnout of physicians in Europe. European Medical Organisations reaffirm that they stand in complete solidarity with their colleagues who are in the front line of the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

European Medical Organisations strongly urge governments to reconsider how healthcare systems value the wellbeing of healthcare professionals in their daily practice together along with the wellbeing of the patients they serve every day and the community of employees who work with them. Medicine should be, and must remain, a safe place to work.

The ongoing pandemic has reaffirmed the central role of physicians in ensuring the stability and wellbeing of our societies. On the 12th of March of this year, European Medical Organisations marked the second European Awareness Day on Violence against Doctors and other Healthcare Professionals and committed themselves to acknowledging and addressing those factors contributing to violence against doctors including exhaustion and burnout.

We call on European governments and health authorities, to provide all healthcare staff with a safe working environment and adequate mechanisms to prevent any type of violence so as to decrease the risk of exhaustion and burnout for all healthcare professionals, and to deploy all necessary means to protect the physical and psychological integrity of our colleagues during this pandemic and beyond.

These healthcare professionals, whom we applaud, deserve admiration, respect, appreciation, and protection. European Medical Organisations also pay tribute to all healthcare professionals who sadly lost their lives in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Find the full press release here: European Medical Organisations face an increase in all types of acts of physical, emotional, and psychological violence against healthcare professionals.